News and ​Schedule

Welcome to our event list.  Information about upcoming events, changes to

the schedule, fun bits of news etc.. shall appear here.  

News and Updates

Amazingly 1 Can Para HQ kept active through 2020 and 2021. 2022 promises to be

another full year of events with an already somewhat packed schedule.

2022 Schedule

Feb 19-20    Training at Hanson barn and Roop Farm 

March 18-20 Military Through the Ages at Jamestown 

April 16th Compo box building at Henry's in Macungie, PA build boxes to store your stuff!

May 7-8 Normandy Tactical Roop Farm, New Windsor, MD (hosted by 1 Can Para)

May 20-22 East Broad Top Goes to War Timeline event. Orbisonia, PA. 


June 2-5 Reading Airshow

July Cookout date location and time TBA

August 20 Warriors Day Toronto ???

August 27-28 Muddy Creek Living History. Muddy Creek Forks Railroad Village, PA

September 24-25 Tank Farm, VA

Oct 1-2  Virginia beach Warbirds Over the Beach

Oct 16th, Mason Dixon Show Living History Display

December Christmas Party date TBA

2021 Schedule

Feb 27-28       Unit Training at Hanson Barn Littlestown, PA

                         and Roop Farm New Windsor, MD

April 23-25      Peewee Martin's 100 birthday. Xenia Ohio.  Some members may be

                         jumping. Full living history display.

May 15            Crate building at Henry's

May 22-23, 29-31  Hanson barn.  Prep gear, tents, awnings for Reading Airshow

June 4-6           Reading Airshow, Reading PA.  Full living history display.

June 19-20      Warbirds Over the Beach, Virginia Beach VA.  Small living history.

August 28-29  WW2 Days at Muddy Creek MA & PA Railroad Heritage village.

Sept 18-19     ?WW2 Living History New Oxford, PA?  ?Phoenix WW2 Tactical, Connecticut?

Sept 25-26     Tank Farm Living History, Nokesville, VA.

October 1-3    Warbirds Over the Beach, Virginia Beach, VA